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Craft Your World

Welcome to the exciting world of 2B2T UK, vanilla Minecraft server running 1.18.2 with no resets.
It has an infinite map size, no gameplay rules, no admin interference.
Established on Jan 2021, there are no resets; the map is persistent.

You can join right now using:


More detailed updates can be found on our Discord

Release Date: 01/04/22

Changed the mob spawn rate down to help with lag.


Release Date: 10/04/22

Use till it's fixed.


Release Date: 10/04/22

You can now use to join the server again.


Date: 21/11/22

Server back online

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Alter Your Sandbox

2B2T UK date of creation: Jan 22 2021
World map file size: 43GB
Total players joined: Over 4k

(Stats updated April-06-2023)

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